About The New England Economic Partnership

The New England Economic Partnership (NEEP) is a member-supported, non-profit organization dedicated to providing objective economic analyses and forecasts. Our Board of Directors meets on a regular basis to plan products and programs to serve member needs.

Through its product and service offerings, NEEP provides reliable and accessible economic data as well as facilitates research on regional economic issues. Our economists, one in each state, also create a forum for NEEP members and others interested in examining developments in the New England economy.

Twice a year NEEP economists (known as Forecast Managers) publish macroeconomic forecasts of the New England region and its six individual states. In addition to providing historical data, these projections forecast quarterly data over a five-year horizon and include information on employment, income, labor force, net interstate migration, as well as population estimates.

Prepared by resident economic experts, NEEP's forecasts are based on econometric models prepared by Economy.com, a leader in analyzing the U.S. economy, financial markets, and regions. NEEP provides a detailed report with each of its state projections. To find out more about our semi-annual meetings follow this link: Conferences



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